Smooth Natural Oils - Skin & Body Oil Solutions

Enhance all of your hair, skin, and body treatments, and let these wonderful oils hydrate you in rich emollients while soothing the mind and calming the senses.

TIL Smooth Natural Oils are a curated oil collection that is a unique blend of our Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Essential and Natural oils of the highest quality grown by Mother Nature and especially chosen by TIL. This oil infusion creates a smooth silky feeling oil that is easily absorbed and provides nutrients, hydration and healing that will enhance any hair or skin treatment. Smooth yet never greasy these intoxicating oils will create an experience that is luscious and nutritious.

TIL Smooth Natural Oils presents new and innovative packaging that allows you to have a pleasing experience in how you use the product precisely like you want to, it being the perfect size for travel, along with keeping the product safe from children.

Apply Product Exactly Where You Want It...
Hair or Skin Child Proof...
Spill Proof
  • Braids: Apply directly to itchy portions or scalp issues
  • Skin: Apply directly to body parts desired with controlled application
  • Protective Styles: you can apply without disturbing your look
  • Lace Front: apply appropriate amount on lace for removing easily and safely

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