Juice It Up

If you have ever had fresh juice from vegetables and fruits you would agree that there is an immediate awakening of the cells throughout your body. Juicing raw fruits and veggies is the best way to get all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes directly into the system without having them broken down. The recommended intake for fruits and vegetables per day amounts to six to eight servings but not all of us are that disciplined to stick to this schedule. Juicing allows a healthy alternative to eating all those fruits and vegetables and almost guarantees that we meet the required intake amounts. Juicing also makes room for a variety of fruits and vegetables that would not normally be eaten throughout the day. Juicing is good for you.

Juicing helps with weight loss and if you think about it you will see that your intake increases then overall carbohydrate intake will decrease. Juices are power filled with antioxidants and micronutrients that your body feels the surge in renewed energy almost immediately.

Many people are surprised when they come to realize that vegetable juices have a great taste when combined with the right fruit like apples or oranges. Fresh juices should be drunk on an empty stomach so that your body consumes all the healthy nutrients. Adding superfoods like lemon helps in the absorption of nutrients.

When fresh juices are prepared it does not keep long as it would in its natural state and this is because exposure to air causes it to lose its nutrients so try to consume fresh juices as soon as they are made.

Happy juicing. The benefits are amazing to your overall health.


Til’ Next Time, Walk Good!

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