An Amazing Time to Be Alive! - BHM 2020

When I started Tropic Isle Living with my late husband, Michael Hines, our vision to make the world a healthier place, coining the term Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) (now used Globally), using healing natural ingredients and exposing the world to the Tropic Island lifestyle. As a young, newlywed Jamaican couple, starting in the Bronx, NY;  I had no idea Tropic Isle Living would still be here 27 years later.


It hasn’t always been an easy road, but it is has been rewarding.  The TRIBE Tropic Isle Living has cast is wide. Thank you. We appreciate the love and acceptance, more than you know. 

Today, we’re living in a different time. A time like never before;  the political landscape, economy, environmental concerns and tragedies around us at every turn is enough to get us down. But we must remember our journey, our accomplishments and we have to continue to get back up.  It is still an AMAZING TIME TO BE ALIVE!  Thankful we’re still here to be able to celebrate. 

A new decade, 2020 is upon us.  Our vision for the future must be BIG and BOLD, for ourselves, our family,  friends, and our entire TRIBE.  We have to be thankful we’re still here to CELEBRATE life and look forward to a bright future!

As we start Black History Month, let me remind you that We Likkle, But We Tallawah!  Meaning, wherever you are, wherever you’re starting from, remember that you may seem small now, but living Strong and Fearless with a will to BELIEVE will allow your dreams to manifest.


Join Tropic Isle Living this month in celebrating the life and the accomplishments of amazing African descendants around the world.  Those who embrace the essence of being Strong and Fearless.

Happy Black History Month - Bless Up!






Lois Reid-Hines

Co-Founder TIL


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