The Art of Making Black Castor Oil:

Keeping the Tradition Alive

To the average Jamaican living in the countryside, pure castor oil or what we coined as “Jamaican Black Castor Oil”, has a type of burnt nutty scent and is light to dark brown in color. Most will recall seeing the castor oil tree (oil nut tree) growing in their yards and how their mothers or grandmothers would make the oil from the seeds. They will also tell you about the several types of ailments they would use the black castor oil for and the great results they received.

So what is Jamaican Black Castor Oil and what’s so great about it? Is the color due to the discovery of a castor seed that yields brown oil? Well first of all, Jamaican Black Castor Oil is light to dark brown due to the tedious age-old traditional process by which it’s made - this process was inherited from our African ancestors. Today, only a few still use this ancient method to extract pure Jamaican castor oil.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is made by first hand-picking wild organic castor beans and then allowing them to dry so that the seeds will pop out of the pods. After the seeds are gathered, they are roasted then pounded into mulch. The mulch is later emptied into a large pot. The pot and its contents are then laid on a slow burning wood fire.

The contents are continuously stirred, and as the oil rises to the surface it is skimmed off. The skimmed off oil is later subjected to further phases of skimming to ensure that it’s devoid of any speck of water. To ensure that the oil is of the highest quality a simple ritual such as stirring in one direction and not looking away when the oil is rising to the surface may be observed. When the process is completed, all that is left is the ultra pure, light to dark brown, “Jamaican Black Castor Oil.”

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