Did you know that Tropic Isle Living coined the phrase, “Jamaican Black Castor Oil”? Ya heard right! Tropic Isle Living introduced Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the global beauty market over 25 years ago. It started with us!

Since 1992, Tropic Isle Living has formulated and produced natural and organic products for hair, skin and body care. Grown and made from oils & herbs directly imported from our farms in Jamaica. Our products are Jamaica-grown and Jamaican-made!

It all began with one gallon of Jamaican Black Castor OIl and the rest is now history. One man’s vision and one woman’s determination turned an age-old oil into a household staple. They developed a community of farmers from across the island of Jamaica and a team rooted in tradition. Our team works tirelessly to produce the highest quality Jamaican Black Castor beans in order to provide the most potent form of this special oil. Castor beans grown in other countries cannot compare to those grown within the rich soil of our home country, Jamaica.

Since the passing of Michael Hines in 2016, Lois Reid-Hines has taken on his vision to bring you only the highest quality Jamaican Black Castor Oil by maintaining the natural ingredients used. We are committed to providing you with %100 authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

While many claim to have “Jamaican Black Castor Oil”, always remember that we are the first to introduce this oil to the marketplace.

We grow it, we know it.

A Special Moment On Our Farm In Jamaica.


It Starts With Us to stand in our own truth. It Starts With Us to never compromise on our foundation. It Starts With Us to be the transparent brand you can trust. It Starts With Us to provide you with ONLY the highest quality Jamaica-grown products.

It Starts With YOU. Its Starts With Tropic Isle Living. It Starts With US ALL

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